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15 March 2012 @ 04:17 pm
Okay! So a bright idea came to me the other day when it came to dealing with my annoying ass roommates! Write a lil tell-all book about my temporary adventure with them! So here goes!
Yesterday X (known as Alex) decided to place all a Mean Green cleaning bottle and a rag in the bathroom sink. I took as a message of "I cleaned the sink you use, hint hint, clean up!" Now last semester I cleaned our shared bathroom every Friday while she did nothing but dirty it up with weaveballs! Yes...weaveballs! After a while I caught on to what was happening, she was the rat of the house. Loud, sneaky, dirty and used to filth!! So it was time to stop being the nice girl and not clean. Which brings us to last night. I don't see the point of being the only one cleaning when there's another supposed adult sharing the bathroom as well! The only time she speaks to me is if she knows I know some juicy gossip, she feens for it and feeds off it only to fulfill the void that has formed from her insecuritites. She's at home 96% of the time! NO friends (besides friends she met in high school who live approx. 30 mins away but have yet to come over) let me stop before I jinx it! They know all about me and my name, but haven't seen what I look like other than on twitter or heard my voice. X is a twitter/facebook bully. The ones who stay at home, criticizing others by what they post and the word that goes around about them, but turn a blind eye towards the flaws they have themselves. X has many flaws! As any human but to point out and judge people off of theirs is a no-no! While at home, X usually keeps to herself unless roommate Y is around! When these two are together they have a field day.... well mostly X who enjoys the company and support in loathing me! X yells Y's name from her room at least twice a week, as Y stays in her room trying to find peace.
  So back to last night, I had company over. A friend and I decided to study and cook a nice dinner for the two of us but our plan was spoiled as every roommate and their friends took up the kitchen. Well, roommate Y oh and there's roommate Z. Z is cool, we smile and say hey but keep it at that! I <3 it! She's rarely home this semester because she has FRIENDS!! and school. Perfect :) Y has friends too and they sometimes come over but she usually is out with them or at school. Leaving X home alone....what a friend! Now whenever the "loud mouth" friends come over X quietly comes out of her room and sits in the same room as everyone but rarely says anything....she just watches! Like a sad puppy trying to get some attention, but do they pay her any....no!  Do they ask about her life and what's going on? No But you see, this is X's only social time outside of school. The only "friends" she's had over are like 2 friends from town, 1 girl from our complex and Basketball players!! Smh! What a sad life! Stay tuned as I post what goes on tonight as I enter THE DUNGEON!!!!!!!!!!!!
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02 May 2009 @ 12:59 am
 So I'm lying in bed and I'm just so bored. Or maybe I'm just tired. Either way I've checked everything on my Safari top sites....which I check religiously! And I decided to listen to Yahoo Music LaunchCast and actually start a blog on here. I've been on LiveJournal for a while now, Oh No They Didn't junkie over here! But I never actually got into LiveJournal until now. I'm still exploring and finding out what's hot on here. Today has been an average Friday: wake up, lay around for a few hours, took care of my craving for Taco Bell, then head to work, get off at 10, surf the web! Hopefully I'll have at least 1 person read this beginners' blog, if so let me know how was your Friday. Was it exciting? Was it boring? 
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